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Our mission is to help you become more Successful, more Productive and a Happier Person. To Help You Become Your Best Version while having a Biggger Impact in the World.

I want to ask you a question, What is Your Biggest Dream, what do you see as the “Highest Possibility” for your life? what do you really want to achieve, do, manifest or experience in your life? If you had three wishes and could make anything happen right now, what would it be?

Well, this is an important question because more than ever before it’s soooo easy to get distracted and to lose time.

In the “Age of distractions”, as I call the times we are living now, if you don’t organize your time, turn on your values and priorities and turn off your notifications, you will end up with great  mediocre results, and living someone else’s dreams.

In TURBODAY we offer you a free extraordinary app called the “TOTAL SUCCESS”APP to help you not only decide on your most important daily goals and actions, but more importantly, to help you improve on a daily basis, helping you get better.

Without daily evaluation you will tend to get average results. This is what’s missing in most self improvement programs.

Our goal is to create the Best Success Diary in the world. This diary is not any regular diary. This is a success coaching diary.  A diary to help you achieve your most extraordinary goals and desires.

The Total Succes App has a free version and a paid one. The paid one will be the best and most complete app available to help you create extraordinary results in your life.

We are committed to make this the best daily tool to help you become a better version of yourself. You 2.0

I believe you are special and you have something important to do in this world. We want to help you achieve this “specialness”in your life.

I believe your Greatest  Dreams and Desires are POSSIBLE when you are truly committed to make them possible.

I also believe your Greatest Dreams are not only possible, but are a lot closer  than you think.

Additionally,  I am creting the TURBODAY’S Total Success Coaching Academy. I am looking for extraordinary partners to offer exceptional coaching programs and services, as swell as a coaching plataform for that purpose.

You can contact me by Whatsapp at 507-62463797. Or by email at migueldelafuente511(at)hotmail.com

I also would love to hear your suggestions on how to improve this app and success system. If your life is worth living is also worth remembering, especially your biggest achievements, successes and best memories. Start giving yourself credit from today.

The problem with most people is that they don’t give themselves credit for the great things they do every day. Every day we do wonderful thigs that we usually don’t give credit for or even remember. It is time to create “My Success Tank” with your best memories.

You build a great life by adding one small successs at a time.

If you want to  overcome your biggest obstacles and take your life to the Next Level, call me for personal coaching.  I love helping people improve themselves. I  would love to help you achieve your Most Spectcular Results (MSR) in record time.

I only work with truly committed individuals who want to contribute beyond themselves and make a yearly commitments to do so.

Additionally, if you want to become part of TUBODAY’S volunteer program, contact me.

You can register also for the “TURBOMIND Book Club” and have access to  summaries for the Best Books in the world for personal growth, personal development, productivity, sales, business and success.

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